Boulder Potters Guild

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The Boulder Potters Guild is a non-profit organization dedicated to clay art and pottery making. Many renowned potters work at Boulder Potters Guild along with the collaboration of members and apprentices.

Boulder Potters Guild was founded in 1969 to promote clay arts and encourage clay art loving people from all over the state of Colorado. Many clay artists are already working with the Potters Guild. Students can also join the program if they are interested in this art. The Potters Guild houses electric and kick wheels for pottery making, work tables, glazing room, studio space, meeting room, library, and gallery.

Artists and students create beautiful vases, pots, sculptors and other artifacts made of clay. The Potters Guild offers a variety of classes for its learners, which include wheel thrown pottery making, handmade sculpting, and more. The classes are divided into intermediate, advanced, and master level classes. Beginners are advised to attend the intermediate classes. Students at intermediate level can learn handmade pottery making, firing, and glazing of pots. At advanced level, students will learn sculpture making and porcelain art. The master’s level classes are designed for highly skilled potters.

As Boulder Potters Guild is a non-profit and volunteer organization, the sculptures and pottery is often donated to charities. Apart from donations, the Potters Guild holds sales twice each year for people who love to buy clay art and also want to meet the artists. The sales are held at Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont.

Weekend workshops are also held at the Potters Guild many items a year by the world‘s best ceramic artists. Students in the beginning should purchase a pottery kit, which includes all the basic pottery making tools. The registration fee includes clay, glazing, and firing fees. The Boulder Potters Guild serves a great contribution to the art of ceramics in Colorado.

The Potters Guild also organizes classes for children. It has different artists and members from different backgrounds and that is why you can experience great artistic diversity among all its creations. The Potters Guild is one of a kind in the town of Boulder and inspires clay artists from all over the state of Colorado to take part in the organization. Clay art is a unique and inspirational kind of artwork Just like any other art, it takes on a different meaning for each individual.

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