Bonfils Blood Center

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The Bonfils Blood Center was opened in 1943 by Dr. Osgoode Philpott and philanthropist Helen G. Bonfils. They founded the first community blood bank because there was no way that people could get blood when they needed it because there were no blood banks close enough to the Rockies; blood had to come from either Kansas City or Dallas as these were the closet blood banks to the Rockies.

The Helen Bonfils Memorial Blood bank was opened in February 27, 1943 at the Colorado General Hospital. Their vision is still the focus of today. The focus is to meet the needs of local community and the military forces that fight overseas. Their 65th anniversary is celebrated this year.

Due to the high volume of participants and high demand for its growing research department, the blood bank outgrew its space and moved to newer facility. The name was also changed to reflect the services that it does provide the community. It was changed to The Helen Bonfils Memorial Blood Center. The new name suggests its services in particular the area of transfusion medicine.

Today the Bonfils Blood Center has become a very important part of the Colorado healthcare system. Denver is the headquarters of the blood center in the redevelopment area of Lowry. The four hundred employees that work at the blood center daily make a big difference in the community. It now operates six centers and it provides services to nearly 200 healthcare facilities in Colorado and beyond. It has collected almost 154,000 units of blood and it provides services including the Denver Marrow Donor Program to meet the requirements of the communities.

The Bonfils Blood Center will continue to grow as long as the communities need it. With the technology getting better there will be new ground to break and new services to give. The blood center is non-profit and it makes pure and effective blood products that are in compliance with regulations, accrediting, and quality management standards.

Bonfils tries to be up on having enough blood units to serve the 200 hospitals and healthcare facilities in Colorado and beyond and to make sure that they are ready for any disaster that could hit any community in Colorado or nationwide. They also work for the Department of Defense to supply blood to the military when needed.  In addition to supplying blood they also test their own blood and blood of other facilities to make sure that the blood is safe to use. They also perform blood research to go forward in technology of transfusion medicine.

They have professionals working for them that make it possible for them to help decide which blood product or transfusion services are best for their patients.

It only takes about one hour to give a unit of blood. So come on down and give today so that Bonfils will be ready to give to the communities that they serve.

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