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The Denver Post is currently the only newspaper in Denver, and you can buy the paper or view it online at their website.  Its weekly average circulation of 255,452 puts it in the top 50 largest circulation newspaper in the United States.  Their website receives 4.6 million monthly unique visitors.  That is approximately 29 million pages.  They also have approximately 1.8 million mobile pages viewed a month.  The paper puts out 707,000 daily and 1.1 million on Sunday.

William Dean Singleton and Richard Scudder bought the paper in 1987. It is the flagship of newspaper of the MediaNews Group Inc, which was founded in 1983 by William Dean Singleton. MediaNews is one of the largest newspaper chains in the nation.  They are the publisher of 61 daily newspapers and more than 120 non-publications.  The non-publications cover 13 states.

In 1892, this newspaper was called the Evening Post and was a Democratic paper founded by the supports of Grover Cleveland.  The purpose of the paper was to stem the number of Colorado Democrats leaving the party and to publicize the political ideals.  When the silver prices went bust 1893, Colorado went into a depression and the Evening post suspended publication.   In 1894, the owners of a souvenir shop and a real estate and lottery operator resurrected the paper.  The name was changed to Denver Evening Post in 1895.  In 1901, it became The Denver Post.

By 1980, the paper was loosing money and it was sold Time Mirror Co. of California. The paper began to make some money.  It was sold in 1987 to MediaNews Group, who still has it today.  In January 2001, Media News and E. W. Scripps founded the Denver News Group.  It combined the business operations of the two newspaper rivals, The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News of which E. W. Scripps is the parent company.

The two newspapers agreed to publish two separate morning newspapers with The Denver Post using a broadsheet format and Rocky Mountain News using a tabloid format.  Together they published a broadsheet format on the weekend.  On Saturday, the Rocky Mountain News produced it.  The Denver Post produced the broadsheet format on Sunday.  In the weekend newspapers both of newspapers editorial pages were printed.  In 2009, the joint venture ended.  The Rocky Mountain News published its last paper, and for the first time since 2001, The Denver Post published a Saturday issue.

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