Paramount turns 25!!

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All of us have our favorite bars and our favorite drinking establishments and the like, but there is always one that is favored above the others.  I’ll be honest, I have been to a lot of bars in my day, but there is still one that brings me back weekly, and that is the Paramount Cafe.  Insane happy hours, and the best staff I have ever drank with and I know, this is my home.  Beyond the great Happy Hour prices, this place has a staff that is beyond it all.  This place is so much more.  No, it’s not the theater, it’s the bar right next door.

Have you been there?  If you haven’t yet, then it’s your own fault.  They have been there officially 25 years this week. If you work downtown, it’s easy to slip in one or two times a week, but if you don’t know it, you don’t know it, and there is nothing I can say to make you feel worse than you already do.

I have been going to the Paramount Cafe for the last 6 years.  It’s not just for the booze, but the staff is incredibly friendly, to the point I am no longer a table number, but my table is “named” each and every time.  This week, they turn 25.  You should help them celebrate.  Not only is it a huge boon for the drinkers in town, but it is a week to remember!  Not only are they old enough to drink from their own bar, but they make drinking for everyone else not only easy, but inexpensive.

25 years ago, the Paramount Cafe opened it’s doors and ever since then, they have put on a show.  Not for the music, but for the people. I have been in a lot of bars, but these are people I can adore.  It goes on and on and on.  That’s the message.  It’s not just about that.  This week is different though, because it marks the 25th year of the establishment. Just because they are not the Paramount Theater does not mean they do not know what they are doing.  Trust me, they are celebrating well, and I only experienced the first night of the celebration.  Still, they have a lot of things planned for their 25th Anniversary Week.

Wednesday, May 26th

4:00 PM – Coors or Co0rs Light

6:00 PM – Coors or Coors Light

8:00PM – Coors or Coors Light

No, no, no… just giving you times here.  At the hour mark, they tap a keg.  Once they tap a keg, those beers are 25 cents until the keg runs out!  Even if you drink the darker beers, they still make a good, cheap chaser.  Also, if you go in at Lunch, anytime from 11 – 2, you can win a 25 cent lunch.  With their tasties and the chance of a lunch that cheap, I don’t know why you aren’t there already.

Thursday, May 27th

Same story, but tonight is all about the O’dells beer at 25 cents baby!

So maybe not exact same story, tonight is a bit different.  In a good way.  From 5-7PM they are doing a beer tasting, which in itself would be enough, but tonight the proceeds from the tasting go to Casting for a Cure.  It is a $10 charge for the tasting, but seriously, great cause and do it!  It’s beer, without it would you really need a reason?

If you want to go in at lunch, they still have the possibility of a 25 cent Lunch, if you go in between 11-2.

The rest of the week, the deals continue on different brands of beer, but since it approaches the weekend, they have added some incredible, extra talent to the roster.

Friday, May 28th

Fourth Year Freshman – LIVE! 10:00PM – Midnight

Saturday, May 29th

LIVE! Soul Patch – 9:00PM – Midnight

Sunday, May 30th

LIVE! Angie Stevens – 10:00PM – Midnight

So what else can they do to celebrate?  Well, a lot of things I can’t give away here, but they have so much planned, it’s hard to write it all down.  You have to go, and trust me, you will be glad you did.  One hint is “Unveiling of the Stars,” but I will leave it at that.

Finding a good after-work bar in this city is not as easy as you would think, but I recommend the Paramount Cafe.  And, on top of what I have to say, it’s their 25th Anniversary!!!  Help them celebrate.

Paramount Cafe – 519 16th Street, Denver, Colorado

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