Wind Power in Colorado

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We can generate power not only from the sun as with the solar panels at Denver International Airport, but also from the wind. Wind is considered to be a very powerful renewable resource. For many decades now, we have taken control of the wind’s energy and use windmills to grind grains or pump water. When the sun shines, it produces ample solar energy through the use of the solar panel. If the sun won’t shine, an alternative way to get power is through the wind. This energy can be considered as a realistic addition to the solar energy, as wind in the Denver area is abundant.

Here in Colorado, wind power is helpful, especially during the winter. The demand for power goes high during this time but the sunlight is sometimes not enough to produce heat and power. The sun may not always shine, but the wind still blows in Colorado. To capture the gentle wind from the mountains, we use wind turbines. These turbines have blades like a plane’s propeller. It captures the pocket of air and then the pressure pulls the blade toward it causing a lift to spin the propeller that in turn produces electricity.

Colorado utilizes green technology. Large wind turbines near Lamar, Colorado are simply amazing. Each generator produces 1.5 megawatts of electricity. Several electric companies are now using wind power to meet the needs of their consumers.

In connection to that, the U.S. Department of Energy published a wind resource map that estimates wind speed at 50 meters above the ground. This will help indicate the location where wind resources are quite sufficient for large-scale production. Wind power is classified according to classes. Class 1 is considered the lowest and Class 7 is the highest. The wind that falls under classes 4 and above can be expressed as a good wind power resource.

Colorado has consistent wind resources making it a place favorable for large turbines to be setup. The eastern quarter of Colorado has good wind resources. The excellent resource areas are determined near the New Mexico and Nebraska borders. The spot where they found an excellent-to-outstanding resource is the border of Wyoming. This opens up an opportunity for all businesses and homeowners in that area to use wind generators.

For the people of Colorado, this is a favorable circumstance to set-up their own wind power to generate electricity. Farmers, ranchers, and homeowners alike can take advantage of the windy areas they are in to use wind turbines to help reduce their electric bills. Let us use this technology wisely to better the earth!

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