Welcome to Denver: DIA’s Terrifying Blue Mustang Statue

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If you have driven to Denver International Airport for Denver flights then you surely have seen the majestic and ominous 32-foot-tall blue fiberglass mustang that greets people on their way out of Colorado. You cannot miss Big Blue south of the airport on Pena Boulevard when driving from Denver to DIA.

The mustang has blazing red eyes facing towards Pike’s Peak and a terrifying yet admirable appearance that has caused quite an uproar in the Colorado community. Facebook has many groups pushing to remove the giant horse nicknamed “Blucifer” and “DIAblo” calling it words like evil, hideous and ominous.

“I am afraid of the big blue horse at DIA” is a Facebook group that arose not only from the way it looks but from the back story of the horse itself.

The torso of the mustang killed Creator and sculptor Luis Jimenez of Hondo, NM, when it swung out of its hoist and pinned him to death on June 13, 2006.

Some say the horse is demonic, unwelcoming and not a piece of art. Others say its startling mannerism is glorious and evokes emotion like great art ought to do.

Regardless, the $650,000 statue paid for by municipal bonds, not tax dollars, is certainly quite an intimidating and awe-inspiring landmark to take in when experiencing Denver travel and tourism.

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