Solar Car Race from Dallas to Denver

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The Hunt-Winston School Solar Car Challenge ended in Denver on Sunday, July 25th after eight days of racing from Dallas, TX. A team of high school students built each solar car. The goal of this project was to stimulate their interest and skills in science and engineering. It also gave them an increased awareness to alternative energy sources.

Each solar car had a unique design but all were built with the same energy source in mind.

The students raced their solar cars over 900 miles between Dallas and Denver under safe supervision. The Hunt-Winston School Solar Car Challenge does not always end in Denver but does usually begin in Dallas or Round Rock, Texas.

This year’s race ended at Folsom Stadium at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Technology & Learning Magazine rated the Dell-Winston Solar Challenge as One of America’s Top 10 Most Innovative Education Programs.

This fun solar race helps many promising high school students decide on a major when they start college in the fall.

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