Live a Captivating Life in Colorado, USA

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Originally, Colorado was named after a man who was believed to have control over squirrels through his mind, and known for his great strength – Phil Colorado. However, some people thought that Colorado originated from the Spanish word ‘our red rocks’ which means ‘colored red’.

Colorado was featured as one of the ‘Top 10 Cities to Where Americans are Relocating’ in the famous Forbes’ Magazine. This place has been popular because almost all of the Californians leave behind the beach sceneries to live in Colorado. In fact, the rocky mountains of Colorado are its best kept secret. People can even ski downward those Rocky Mountains. Coloradans never ride horses going to work, opposite to what many people believed. Thus, Coloradans spend most of their finances to mountain bikes rather than cars.

Certainly, Colorado is the best place for people who love the outdoors. During the summer seasons, there are a lot of outdoor activities Colorado has to offer, such as hiking, backpacking, rock-climbing and camping. While in the winter season, skiing is its main attraction. Thus, Colorado offers fifty-eight mountains with heights of more than 14,000 feet. These mountains bring about extreme and tremendous experiences to her residents, as well as to her visitors.

Denver, Colorado holds a yearly American Beer Festival since it is considered as one of the primary nations for beer. In fact, Colorado is included in the Top Five States for Breweries among American States. It is also a home for several celebrities who own houses particularly in Aspen. Moreover, the best place for live music and performance is in Colorado. Legendary personalities like Jimi Hendrix, U2, The Beatles, and many more renowned celebrities have played in Red Rocks, Colorado.

Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Denver have been consistent in charts and lists as best places to support a family. Actually, Louisville Colorado is ranked as number one by because it’s currently one of the finest cities to make a living. Also, Colorado maintains its fourth rank in the national Gallup survey for happy and healthy residents. As evidence, senior citizens spend their retirement in snowboarding. Surely, it is one exceptional American state to experience all of the four seasons.

Finally, Colorado Springs is ranked number one as the top pet-friendly city by both Men’s Health and Forbes Magazines. Coloradans really love animals of all kinds. Hence, it is a vast place to witness almost all varieties of wildlife, along with 222 state wildlife vicinities. It is also an excellent place to engage in sports like Soccer and Lacrosse. Indeed, Denver is celebrated as one of the American states that have competitive teams for all the four major sports promotions in the entire world.

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