Facts about Denver, Colorado

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Denver, or the “Mile High City” as it is nicknamed, is the capitol of the state of Colorado and at the same time its biggest and most important city. Denver lies just a few miles from the foothills of the great Rocky Mountains at an altitude of 5,280 feet, or exactly one mile, a geographical characteristic that gives the city its unique nickname. The proper city is home for roughly 610,000 inhabitants, but many more live in the Denver metropolitan area. Denver, Colorado is one of the most important cities in the Rocky Mountains area, a vibrant place filled with attractions.

Here are a few interesting facts about Denver, Colorado. Its founding and early history is connected with the 1850’s gold rush. Denver City got its name from the governor of the Kansas Territory, James Denver and was founded in 1858. Denver City was a true frontier city inhabited by gold miners and other pioneers. Epitomizing the spirit of the West, the city sheltered saloons, gambling establishments and trading posts. Its importance grew as it became the capitol of the newly formed Colorado territory in 1867. In the 1870’s gold and silver mines are opened in the surrounding of the city, ushering in an era of prosperity, ended by the depression of 1893, which was triggered by a collapse of the price of silver. The city attracted military bases after the Second World War and its position, between the Rockies and the Great Plains transformed it into a major transportation hub, a fact which contributed to its economic development.

Denver, Colorado is today the home of several federal agencies, which include the Denver Mint and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. A major objective situated in city is the Denver International Airport, with a land size of 53 square miles, which makes it the largest airport in North America. The city also took advantage of its unique geographical position, which makes it a ideal place for re-bouncing satellite communications. For this and other reasons Denver, Colorado is an important center of telecommunications, serving the entire U.S.A and even other parts of the world.

Denver’s economy is based today on hi-tech industries such as biomedical research and telecommunications but the major industries that shaped the city are still an important part of the economy. Among these, the mining and energy industries are the most significant, and major companies that activate in this domain maintain a strong presence in the city. There are numerous companies established or headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Some of the most notable, which have  a strong national and international presence are Samsonite, founded in 1910, the world largest luggage manufacturer, AIMCO, the largest owner of apartment communities in the U.S. or Newmont Mining Corporation, the largest gold producer in North America.

Denver hosts a bustling cultural life also, and is home for several renowned museums and cultural centers. The Denver Art Museum shelters one of the largest collections of Native American artifacts and the Black American Western Museum, dedicated to the history of the Afro-American community is also located in the city.

Another interesting fact about Denver, Colorado is the fact that it is one of the very few cities that hosts sports team that participate in all four major leagues.

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