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Denver Water has set up a water conservation program with the goal of reducing water usage by 22% by the year 2016.  Since Denver is a semi-arid environment and receives only about 16 inches of rainfall annually. Because of this, water conservation is important in ensuring that there is water available both now for the 1 million people living in the area as well as ensuring that there will be enough water available for future generations.


Water conservation is a habit which is why it is important to make conservation a part of your daily lifestyle.  Officials at Denver Water cite statistics that residents were able to significantly decrease their water usage during the recent drought of 2006.  After the drought was over, residents gradually resumed their habits of using more water.


In order to encourage customers to develop conservation habits, Denver Water has begun an ad campaign encouraging people to “Use Only What You Need”.  Other programs have been started to encourage people to develop the habit of conserving water by providing financial incentives.


One such conservation program provides rebates for people who replace inefficient fixtures and replace them with high efficiency toilets, and appliances including washers.  These rebates are available as long as funding lasts for the program.  To learn more about the rebates and the program, go to


Customers are also encouraged to replace the nozzles on their lawn watering sprinklers with a rotary nozzle.  This type of nozzle will reduce water runoff and will also save money on water bills.  Rebates are available for customers who choose to upgrade or replace the nozzles on their sprinklers.  Denver Water will be sending out more information on the program as well as helpful water conservation tips in a mailing sent to its customers each spring.


Denver Water customers who are interested in their water usage amounts can track their usage online.  In addition, the water company also offers a program which explains different tips that customers can use to reduce their water usage in order to save water and money.  Customers can get the tips daily via email or via phone by signing up on the Denver Water website.  Tips offer simple suggestions like changing the time of day when you irrigate your lawn to either the early evening after the heat of the day has passed.  This way, less water will be evaporated into the air.


For more information on water conservation, call Denver Water at 303-728-6343.

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