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On a cold December morning in Denver, thousands of Coloradans took part in the 28th annual 9 Cares Colorado Shares Holiday Drive, they were encouraged to join by donating food, toys, and clothes to one of the drop-off spots.

9 Cares Colorado Shares is an initiative of 9 News to help the needy in Colorado.

9 Cares collects money, food, toiletries, clothes, and toys during their drives and passes it on to local non-profit organizations that in turn help the poor.

Direct assistance is not provided by 9Cares Colorado Shares; those in need should turn to the organizations that receive the donations.

Where do the collected goods go exactly?


As 9Cares believes that in a community collected food should stay in that community, the food is handed out to approximately 125 food banks in Colorado. Approximately a hundred of them are in Metro Denver. The food collected in Denver is sent to their partner Foodworks Colorado. The people of Foodworks help 9 Cares to sort and distribute the food to the food banks.

Community food banks and pantries organize 9Cares collection sites in the cities outside the area of Metro Denver and consequently distribute the collected food to needy families in their communities.


The Santa Claus Shops benefit from the toys donated during the 9Cares Colorado Shares holiday drive. The Santa Claus Shops were founded in 1931 and formed the first toy stores for the needy. There are a lot of volunteers working for The Santa Claus Shops and they have a simple mission: a Christmas toy for every girl and boy in Colorado.


The clothes given to 9Cares will be donated to the non-profit organizations ARC Thrift Stores and Goodwill Industries. In return, they will give clothing vouchers to 9 Cares in order to restock the shelves of the Front Range clothing banks.

Which items are accepted?

If you want to contribute to 9 Cares Colorado Shares and donate items to your fellow Coloradoans you should keep the following in mind:

Food and toiletries: All non-perishable food is accepted. Furthermore, there is a high demand for high protein foods like peanut butter, tuna fish, nuts, canned  stews, beans, and canned meat. Please avoid glass jars.

Only new toiletries are accepted. The items will be donated to shelters and food pantries. You can think of items like soap, tooth brushes, toothpaste, diapers, shampoo, and toilet paper.

Clothing: New and used clothing is accepted.

Toys: New and used toys are accepted but news toys are preferable. Not accepted are DVD’s, weapons, and toys that require batteries.

So, please, if you care; SHARE!

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