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Coloradoans who make a difference in their community are celebrated every week on the Denver Channel during a 7 News broadcast. This tradition began with KLZ radios and ABC affiliate Channel 7 and continues to this day. Channel 7 became famous for its long running shows and their custom of community service. 7Solutions supports working families through direct community service, help, and information in order to improve the lives of needy Colorado families.

The 7Everyday Hero Award salutes Coloradans who do good. Good people who motivate others, initiate solutions, serve working families, and work on a non-profit basis are given the 7Everyday Hero Award.

Every Sunday at 10 p.m. 7News anchor Mitch Jelniker presents the 7Everyday Hero Award. The next day, Monday at 5 a.m., on Thursday at 11 a.m., Friday 4 p.m. Saturday 5 p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. the segment is repeated.


In case you want to recognize a person who stands out in the community, you must fill out the nomination form. A volunteer committee of 7News employees decided on the criteria for nomination.

A 7Everyday Hero is someone who:

– Represents or serves working Colorado families

– Motivates others

– Creates and initiates solutions

– Benefits others

– Is making a difference

– Is making sacrifices

– Leads all the time

– Is a role model

– Fills needs

– Can go beyond his/her job’s expectations

– Is working on a non-profit basis

– A problem solver

– Goes beyond the call of duty

– Sets an example

– Follows through successfully

– Is involved actively

No person could fulfill all of the above; therefore the committee is flexible in selecting the nominees. The nominations will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Process of selection

Please keep following points in mind:

–       Only one entry per nominee is allowed.

–       A nomination is not judged on the number of votes but on its merit only.

–       7News needs 3 to 4 weeks to process your nomination.

–       You will be contacted by telephone if your nominee is selected, in order to set up a time to present your nominee the award on camera.

–       Each Friday on 7News at 10 p.m. a new 7Everyday Hero will be honored. It may take several weeks from the selection to the time it will be aired.

–       Nominees who are not selected will receive a letter of appreciation.

–       Submitters will also receive a letter to inform them of the status of their nominees

–       Make sure to provide correct addresses and telephone numbers for yourself as well as for your nominee.

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