Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church in Denver is the Subject of an Abuse Investigation

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The Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church (previously called the South Sheridan Baptist Church) is in hot water lately. “20/20” is investigating alleged cases of abuse by the church and the report by Elizabeth Vargas will be airing on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 9 pm on KMGH Channel 7 (ABC) Denver. The report investigates the ultra-conservative culture of this church, which is considered a sub-culture of traditional Baptist churches. Vargas’ report includes claims that the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church been the cause of (as well as covering up) several cases of physical and sexual abuse.


Red Rocks Baptist Church in Denver and former Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church member Jocelyn Zichterman (South Sheridan Baptist Church when she was a member) are focused on in Vargas’ report. Zichterman, who claims to have been a victim of her former church’s abuse) has been a very vocal advocate and key person in exposing the harsh, unacceptable practices of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church.


The church engages in strict interpretation of the Bible and participates in a practice known as “breaking the will of the child” – an inhumane practice imposed on children as young as 2 weeks old. Other cases of sexual and physical abuse have surfaced since then and will be included in the upcoming “20/20” report on channel 7. Injustice has been exposed!

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