Denver, Colorado Winter Weather Ranked Top 10

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Denver, Colorado winter weather is ranked #7 by The Weather Channel for 2010 based on typical expectations for a city. When most people think of Denver, Colorado, snow and mountains are usually the first images conjured up. But while Baltimore, Maryland city crews were busy heaving snow into the harbor to unearth the city from record snowfall, Denver weather remained in a relative balance of elements—though with the usual cold temperatures and unpredictable bouts of sunny to cloudy patterns. There were no crippling winter storms. There were no memorable newsreels of four-wheel drives stalled and spinning in miles of severe Denver road conditions. For The Weather Channel, Denver, Colorado weather exceeded its own expectations for winter conditions by being uneventful. Still, Colorado weather is never without surprises, even for the seasoned.

Typical Denver, Colorado Winter Weather
Residents living in Colorado seem to never stop learning that there is no typical weather in any season. The rule is unpredictability. The many differences in elevations can impact extreme temperature variations and climate changes within short distances. Even the seemingly flat plains east of the mountains are a gradual rise of alternating topography unapparent to the eye. Temperatures vary from season to season in extremes. And with the state’s interior continental desert location, Colorado temperatures can change radically from day to night. The city of Denver at the base of the Rocky Mountains is no exception. If you are living in Denver, Colorado you are better off if you take a coat, no matter what the time of year.

Denver Winter Weather by Comparison
Colorado snow and rainfall fluctuates. The inland location and variable terrain sometimes gets dumped on profusely. But even in the most torrential conditions the air is that of a drier climate, generally low in humidity.

Though temperatures can be vastly different across the state, a visit to Denver, Colorado or a trip to a Colorado ski resort will both make you appreciate the drier, invigorating air of the West. Colorado snow can get brutal and even bitter, but not with the biting humidity of Eastern coastal cities—like Philadelphia, voted number 3 on The Weather Channel’s Top Worst Winter Locations list for having three of the city’s top 10 snowstorms on record in 2010.

Unpredictable as it is, winter in Denver, Colorado can seem somehow moderate compared to places like Des Moines, Iowa—which ranked #9 on The Weather Channel’s Top Worst Winter Locations List for enduring a relentless cold that left them locked in 4” of snowpack for 3 months.

Colorado Weather Beyond Expectation
Denver, Colorado weather, always noted for unpredictability, ranked high for being rather uneventful in 2010. The Weather Channel based its Top Best Winter Locations List not on typically sunny locations, but on the relative expectations of a location. But anyone living in Denver, Colorado knows that the seasons are always beyond expectation. People forget how much snow can show in Colorado in late fall and early spring. So when two days of March spring snow blanket the city to melt away in ensuing days, it is always a show.

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