Councilwoman Suggests Denver Bikini Baristas Will Be Raped, Murdered

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Aurora City Council Woman Molly Markert hits Denver News by publishing a letter encouraging local businesses and people to boycott Perky Cups, a coffee shop featuring bikini-clad baristas in Colorado.

In the Markert Times newsletter she states in regards to Colorado’s own Perky Cup baristas, “when one of the employees is raped and murdered we will all mourn the loss.” Many say this comment is completely out of line.

Markert stands strong on her side and says locals have come to her about their attire. She also states that Perky Cups are being evicted from their location but owner of Perky Cups, Jason Bernal, says they are tired of they way they have been treated and are moving to Hampden & Chambers.

However, Perky Cups does plan on opening another store in the same councilwoman’s ward within the next three months and a couple more in the Denver area.

Markert’s grudge towards Perky Cups may have started back in April when they started selling hot dogs outside the coffee shop on warm days as the “bikini weenies crew.”

Local drivers have raised some concerns about being more accident prone with bikini girls walking around outside but a police officer told manager, Amber Langdon, that “Any accidents would be the responsibility of the driver and not the girl in the bikini.”

Back in March, Perky Cups received some controversy when they placed a 10-foot-by-20-foot sign of a woman in a bikini with people questioning the rights of the First Amendment. City officials declared that Perky Cups was completely protected and did not act outside the law.

Media law states that if a person is offended by an image of a scantily clad person then they may simply avert their eyes. Perky Cups baristas and customers believe that Markert’s violent statement simply crossed the line.

Photo courtesy of KDVR Fox 31

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