Colorado Cannabis Convention a Mile High in Denver

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The Colorado Convention Center held tens of thousands of people on April 2nd and 3rd for the largest Cannabis Convention yet in the country. The number is more than the 40-50,000 that have attended The Great American Beer Festival event in Denver the last few years. That means more people would rather attend a Denver, Colorado event where they can revel in marijuana—even if there is no marijuana. They prefer pot without inhaling for two days to sucking real suds of the latest brews for three days. The push for pot in Denver, Colorado appears to be a Mile High.

Convening for Weed Means Big Business

The Colorado Cannabis Convention had no buds on display, but it had everything from bongs and grinders to baked goods. Over 300 medical marijuana vendors and representatives presented services and wares. There were cannabis cooking demonstrations, hydroponics gear for growing marijuana, magazines and publications to inform and educate. Lawyers and lawmakers discussed legal rights. A fashion show even featured a hemp wedding gown.

Officials from the state of Colorado and federal levels told the Colorado Convention crowd on Saturday to expect gradually fewer restrictions on cannabis in the future.

The changing landscape of the cannabis culture in Denver, Colorado and around the state is apparent in the number and names of budding businesses. There are medical marijuana dispensaries in every neighborhood from the most exclusive in Cherry Creek named “High Expectations,” to the clinical sounding “Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill” near the downtown Denver State Capitol. Insurance companies are popping up with names like “Guru of Ganja Insurance.” Edibles include “Russell Stoners Old Fashioned Marijuana Chocolates.” A Boulder, Colorado company called “G-nutz Butters – Medicated Bliss Butter” uses granddad’s old medicinal recipe to help ease maladies like anxiety and chronic pain.

Colorado Leads in Push and Pull Away from Prohibition

Since Colorado became one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana in 2002, the debate over how to regulate cannabis has continued.

Things to do in Denver, Colorado still do not legally include recreational pots smoking, but medical marijuana is high on the list of events in Denver, Colorado. The 1st Annual Rocky Mountain Cannabis Convention and Wellness Expo will descend upon the Denver Convention Center on July 9-10th, while every day over 1,000 patients in Denver and across Colorado are obtaining their medical marijuana cards.

Marijuana is reported to be the top cash crop in over a dozen states—and it is high on the list of cash cows in almost all the states. Proponents of pot argue that the billions of black market dollars could be funneled into local economies.

Organizations like The Colorado Drug Investigator’s Association remain adamantly against cannabis use for its inevitable dangerous lifestyle. But the ex-cops and lawmakers in organizations like the Law Enforcement against Prohibition (LEAP) argue that prohibition is more dangerous in the long run than the most dangerous drugs.

If a large number of people have their way, pot will be high on the list of things to do in Denver, Colorado.

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