Make New Friends In Denver

admin November 18, 2010 0

If you’re new to Denver, tired of your old friends, or need to get out of the house and socialize, then you will want to join the MEETinDENVER group. MEETinDENVER is a group for people to hang out and make new friends doing different activities such as happy hours, barbecues, ski trips, camping, clubbing, hiking, visiting art galleries and more.

Tonight MEETinDENVER will be meeting at Sobo 151 in Denver for happy hour and is free except for anything that you consume. In fact, all the events MEETinDENVER does are membership-free and organized by volunteers.

There is a MEETin group in nearly every large city across the US and their goal is to help people make friends in real life using the Internet as a tool and open to everyone in Colorado.

If you can’t make it tonight then be sure to sign up for Denver’s MEETin group for future events and socializing times.

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