Why Denver is the Best Place to Live and Work?

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A lot of people inside and outside the US think Denver is just a great place to vacation in. Because of the hundreds of entertainment and amusement facilities out there, people who don’t know Denver very well may think it’s a place only for tourists. While a lot of this is true, Denver is also considered to be one of the best places to live and work.

Denver actually has many career opportunities available in many different fields. You can find almost every type of job you are qualified for. Its Economic Center has jobs for every business industry you can think of. Recently, a lot of Denver companies have been ranked as the best places to work in the US.

What are the criteria to choose a place to work and live?

Most people, when they are searching for a job, they have some specifications or requirements for their search:

  • Choose the time you’ll be working
  • The company values meet your own
  • A schedule that suits you with days off
  • Great environment so you can concentrate and produce quality work
  • A good salary

Recently, Fortune Magazine compiled a list of 100 best companies to work for in the United States. The list was published on February 7th and it includes 2 Colorado companies:

PCL Construction: This family of companies is considered the 8th biggest general contracting company in the US. The organization acts in many industries including construction. It is based in Canada but has many independent branches in the US. The one listed in the Fortune Magazine is located in Denver in position 39.

Douglas County-based engineering company CH2M Hill: This company is a huge company specialized in many industries such as engineering, construction, and operation. This company is owned entirely by employees and it was at position 90 on Fortune Magazine’s list.

This is not all, because last year, the University Of Colorado was ranked number 7 in The Scientist’s eighth annual Best Places to Work for Postdocs survey after being in the 62nd position in 2009. According to this survey, this university offers a lot of support to family and personal values, communication, encouragement, and much more. This rank came based on 11 main criteria and according to most workers there, it’s the result of the major role the Postdoctoral Office has played.

As you can see, Denver has the best places someone would like to work in with numerous offers and packages. These are not the only companies mentioned, as there are hundreds of other companies out there that are worth working for.

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