Tech Companies in Denver

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The advancement in technology has made a breakthrough in the fields of science, medicine, internet, communication, and society in general. It has a significant impact to our life and our environment. It creates a bridge that connects one corner of the earth to the other. Denver is an excellent example where big industries are thriving because of technology.  Let us explore some of the major tech companies located in Denver, Colorado:

Storagetek is a company that deals with data storage technology. Formerly known as Storage Technology Corporation and founded in 1969, under the supervision of Sun Microsystems, Inc. which is now a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. Storagetek specializes in the equipment that deals with data recording, either hardware or software. The company brings out magnetic tape which has been commonly used for decades, and software backup. Magnetic tape is used especially when storing bulk amounts of data because it is cheaper compared to storage products like disks. Software back up is a computer applications that allow you to get an identical copy of the original document stored.

Level 3 Communications is an international telecommunications company. Level 3 sets up a fiber-optic foundation that serves as a backbone for internet and data transmission. In 1985 it was originally called Kiewit Diversified Group Inc. as a subsidiary of Peter Kiewit Sons’ Inc. Level 3 is dynamically expanding in the continents of North America and Europe. Level 3 endeavors to provide stable and secure systems. The company offers different services that include internet access, dial-up or broadband, collocation, content delivery, and video transport.

Quark, Inc. is a private company that manufactures software mainly used for publishing purposes. It got its name after the recognized building element of matter. Its well-known computer program called QuarkXPress, a lay-out editor designed for desktops, is primarily used by individuals or large publishing firms because it can handle complex lay-out formats that they commonly need. In the course of time, Quark released its revolutionary software called Dynamic Publishing Solution. It is a dynamic and very innovative solution because all Quark products are integrated in this version.

Isn’t that a good technology mix? Denver has been the dwelling-place to large business firms in the United States in recent years. There is no need to go to far places because they are all here. If you need technical services, they is within your reach. These companies share one dream, one destination – success! You can share with them too.

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