Denver Wind Energy Job Opportunities

admin July 15, 2010 0

A wind farm in Colorado is about to hire 1,000 more workers. Vesta Wind Systems, based in Denmark plans to hire at two blade-making plants and another that makes the towers for the turbines.

Colorado is a good location for wind energy because the wind turbines are situated in areas where it is constantly blowing.

Vesta Wind Systems has also opened an engineering facility in Louisville, CO. Currently Vesta has wind energy plants in Windsor, Brighton and Pueblo.

In a 20-year agreement made in April with Xcel Energy, Xcel will be purchasing 52 megawatts of electricity from the Cedar Point wind farm. This Broomfield wind farm is in the process of construction this summer and will operate next year.

Pike Research in Boulder predicts that 40,000 new wind turbines will be built by the middle of the next decade in North America alone. The U.S. produces over 35,000 megawatts (35 GW) and that number is predicted to increase to 80 GW by 2015. Colorado wind energy is helping the U.S. stay at the top as the world’s leader in wind power.

Wind energy companies employed about 85,000 people at the end of 2008. The increasing drive towards green energy is certainly helping Coloradans during this tough economy to find jobs that are sustainable to the Earth and help themselves.

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