Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

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The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) is committed to workers and employers by guaranteeing fair labor practices, providing a safe workplace, assisting employees who lost their job through no fault of their own or have been injured on the workplace, as well as providing a real picture of the economy. The CDLE has been nurturing and developing workforce for many years, bringing together a complete menu of job training, education and employment services to its Workforce Centers network.

The CDLE comprises of various divisions – Employment and Training, ICAO Unemployment Insurance Hearing Officer Decision Appeals, ICAO Workers’ Comp Office of Administrative Courts Hearing Appeals, Labor, Oil and Public Safety, and Workers’ Compensation.

The Division of Employment and Training focuses on the economic vitality of Colorado, and encompasses important units performing functions related to employment in the state. The five units within the Employment and Training Division are unemployment insurance, workforce development programs, Colorado workforce development council, labor market information, and Colorado Rural Consortium.

The Industrial Claim Appeals Office (ICAO) unit is in charge of the review of unemployment insurance (UI) decisions issued by hearing officers, as well as workers’ compensation decision issued by the administrative law judges (ALJs).

The Industrial Claim Appeals Panel (Panel or ICAP) comprises four ALJs who take into account appeals from these decisions. The Panel mostly reviews cases after conducting a hearing and denying or granting benefits. The Panel’s final order is the CDLE’s final action.

The Workers’ Compensation division offers online guides to assist you through all the stages of a workers’ compensation claim. CDLE’s website provides links where you can access the guides for employers or workers. The CDLE’s website also provides a step-by-step process on how to file an appeal of an ALJ’s decision. You can also visit the Office of Administrative Courts’ website if you have other questions about ALJ decisions or Workers’ Compensation hearings.

Meanwhile, the Labor Division oversees regulations and laws that govern minimum wage, wages, youth employment, union grievances and issues, as well as employment-related immigration laws, while the Oil and Public Safety division manages regulations and laws aimed at guaranteeing public health, consumer protection and safety. The Workers’ Compensation Act of Colorado is aimed at assuring efficient and quick delivery of medical and disability benefits to injured employees at a reasonable cost to employers.

For more information about labor and employment concerns, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s website at

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