Save Water by Denver Xeriscaping

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If you are getting tired of having to water your lawn everyday only to see it dry up by early July from typical Denver weather, then you should consider having your yard xeriscaped.

Xeriscaping is a creative form of landscaping that uses plants that are native to Denver, Colorado, which decreases the amount of water usage.  Native plants are used to Colorado weather so it will grow accordingly and are drought-tolerant.  It also results in low-maintenance lawn care.

Common plants used in xeriscaping are cactus, lavender, agave, thyme, juniper and sedum.  The sustainable designs are very colorful and modern for easy gardening.  Watering will no longer be a chore as the plants and ground will absorb and retain water quickly.

Another benefit of Colorado xeriscaping is that there is no need for fertilizers or pesticides.  This is very friendly for any pets, children and local wildlife in your neighborhood.

You will not have to worry about who is going to mow the lawn either as you can choose to have a smaller lawn that can be trimmed up with a reel mower instead of the need to purchase gasoline for your lawn mower.

Xeriscaping your lawn in Denver is a wonderful way to redesign the outside of your home for a fresh look, eco-friendly sustainability and a long-term financial benefit.

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