Denver Designer Show House

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This century old mansion, which was first built in 1909 in Gilpen by Fisher and Fisher, is a mark of tradition and history in the Denver area. The Denver Designer Show House is hosted by the heir of the property where the mansion gets transcended to modern flair and style by 28 designers who blend modern aura without hindering the traditional beauty. The tour is open to the public whose donations are collected for the Children’s Hospital of Denver. It is the showcase by a family of 28 eclectic designers from Denver, Vail, and Aspen.

With more than 35 sponsors making the event possible, the Cowperthwaite Estate is going to boom with a stage of promotion to the designers. The show hosts a number of events apart from this showcase. They include:

  • Architctural preview of the original undecorated house: February 9th, 10 am to 5 pm, $10 donation is suggested. In this the original undecorated house is allowed to be explored by the grandson of Cowperthwaite architecture. It describes how the house will be transformed to suit growing family needs and the difficulties underwent during the process.
  • Opening night cocktail party: April 7th, 6:30 pm, donations are $50 (online); $55 (at door.) This is an open stage to meet the designers and see the unveiling of the incredible work by these renowned people.
  • A deeper look at good design with Barbara Sallick and Don Ruggles:  Monday, April 11th, 10 am to noon, expected donation is $100. This allows a conversation with these great architects giving an insight of the interiors.
  • Steve Mouzan lecture and book signing: April 12th, 5:30 to 6:30, donations are $15 to members and $20 to public. Steve Mouzan is the principle of New Urban Guild in Miami and gives a lecture on the building inspired by the region it is built. After this, there is a book signing event.
  • Bobby Macalpine lecture, cocktails and book signing: April 14th, 5 pm, donations are $35 (online), $40 (at door.) It is a classical American architectural program.
  • Show house admission:  April 8, 9, 10th and 15, 16, 17th, donations are $15. This is the awaited occasion where donors can walk through the house.
  • Best value combination ticket: This includes the combination of all the activities accept that of Don Roggles and Barbara Sallick and the Bobby Macalpine lecture and book signing.

This home tour in the country club is exclusively to benefit the Children’s Hospital, which is listed as America’s best children’s hospital. The exquisite beauty lies in the fact that the home offers to see the best advancements of the modern world, which embrace family environments. The fabulously designed house blends with the urban look it carried at the time of construction with modern style.

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