14 Ways to Makeover Your Colorado Home

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Summer in Colorado is one of the best times to give your home a little TLC. Rooms can be de-cluttered, paint can be freshened up and rooms can be redecorated. Here are some easy ways to give your house a mini makeover for a fresher look.

1. Declutter. Go room-by-room and start a donation pile with things that you don’t want anymore or don’t use. This will free up space and you can give your unwanted stuff to a Colorado charity that can use it.

2. Dust those blinds. Blinds collect dust easily and over time can become a hassle to clean. Wet a rag and wipe them off for a fresher and sunnier look in the room.

3. Repaint the bathroom or kitchen. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, painting it a light pastel color will liven it up. Many people spend time in the kitchen and a new coat of paint can completely change the feel of this room.

4. Replace hardware. By simply replacing cabinet knobs, doorknobs or light switches will give doors and entryways a whole new look.

5. Add lighting. Buying a new lamp from a thrift store not only gives you light in that dark area that you’ve been meaning to take care of but it also give the room more character.

6. Switch out throw pillows. Making a small investment in a few throw pillows allows you to change up the mood of a room with the different seasons. Bonus if you purchase pillows that have covers that you can swap out or make yourself.

7. Add artwork. Buying a piece of artwork from a local Denver artist or simply finding one at a thrift store works for a great conversation starter or a focal point in a room.

8. Create a color scheme. Whether it’s monochromatic or accent neutral, changing up the room so that it has a theme will freshen up your home.

9. Clean the windows. Washing your windows on the inside and outside will give instant drama to your home. Use a squeegee to prevent smudging and streaking on your windows. You will be surprised how dirty they really are and pleased with how much more natural light will come in.

10. Organize your entryway. Hang up some pegs so that people can hang up their coats and dog leashes. This is the first impression that Denver visitors will get when they enter your home so make it a good one!

11. Add an indoor plant. A plant or two gives the room a cleaner feel as well as adds color and a natural element.

12. Clean out your kitchen. Chances are you have a lot of old food rotting away in your cupboards. Grab the trashcan and start dumping old food and chip bags with a handful of smashed chips at the bottom. Then organize your spices, food and dishes for easier access.

13. Change your sheets. If you always get dark sheets, try buying light colored sheets for an instant room makeover. Try a pattern or get a new duvet.

14. Put up picture frames. Print out pictures of family adventures in Colorado from your digital camera and hang them up in frames. You will have something for guests to look at and memories to reflect on where your wall used to be blank.

When your house is organized and decorated to your liking, you can then really relax and enjoy your Colorado home retreat this summer.

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