Why Live at Washington Park?

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One of Denver’s proud assets includes the Washington Park neighborhood. It has a history of over 100 years and is still the largest and one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Denver. The park is a huge hub for all outdoor activities like tennis, skating, jogging, and much more. The neighborhood of this 165 acre land completely blends with the serenity of the park which includes 20th century brick buildings and bungalow homes as well as a few high rise commercial enclaves. It is a huge rectangular park inheriting the Prairie School and Italianate Bungalow/Craftsmen’s architecture.

It was designed at first by German architect Reinhard Schuetze in the late 19th century. Though the park addressed many renovations from the date of its origin, it is still persistent with the basic model of the lily pond, willow trees, and carriage ways through the park and large meadow edged with a grove of evergreen trees. The neighborhood started developing from the early 20th century. With accessibility to practically all nearby necessities, the park witnessed a growth of population around the circumference. This became the first suburb in Denver. Slowly the area became a more densely populated region with luxury houses, skyscrapers, town homes, and the inevitable addition of heavy traffic.

With Washington Park being the largest of its kind in Denver, it hosts 250 picnic permits every year. With two eccentric flowerbeds and a 2.6 mile jog stretch, Washington Park is the stomping ground for many after a hectic day at work. It is a great recreational source, for it has something to offer for every kind of person. Tennis courts, swimming pools, skating arenas, and fitness centers are all available in or near Washington Park. The park even keeps the spirits of passionate bike riders and has 2 wonderful garden beds for all the flower lovers. In summer the place gets even more jubilant as people tend to get mesmerized by the Colorado Symphony, which plays in the park in every June. The park overlooks the Denver Country Club, which bursts a pageant of fireworks in July. Another attraction is the boathouse, which is available in pleasant weather and is the most overcrowded kiosks in the park

The park has 54 flowerbeds, which include the two most exotic creations of Denver with 25,000 plants planted every year. The park has 2 playgrounds and one of them is in the handicap accessible zone. This makes it accessible to all people. Rated as one of the top ten reasons to return to Denver by a majority of the population, the park enfolds 10 voluminous tennis courts, 2 lakes, and one pond. The park adds to the glory of Denver.

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