Valentines from Loveland, Colorado

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Every year billions of dollars are spent sending Valentine’s gifts to loved ones from secret or not so secret admirers. Red roses are wonderful, and not doubt every woman who receives one feels incredible for a day, but is Valenine’s Day only about red roses, chocolates, lingerie, or is there something different you can do to make February 14th even more special?


What about writing a poem, or short love letter and mailing it to your sweetheart, if you know calligraphy this is a deeply personal gift that comes direct from your heart, and it’s easy to customize the letter using special paper, little doodle drawings, spraying a hint of your favorite perfume on it, or attaching a small photo of you.


But what if you could go one step further and customise the postmark on the front of the envelope. Imagine if your lover receives a letter from you postmarked from the land of love, or to be more precise, from Loveland. It is possible, because in Colorado there really is a town known as Loveland, and you can arrange for a remailing service to send your special greeting from Loveland with the city name in the postmark.


A Valentine’s Day remailing service is simple and affordable, and offers several options for sending your Valentine the perfect message. You can write your own letter and envelope, and send that to Loveland for postmarking, or you can request a special message from a dedicated team of romantic poets and writers who will do everythig for you.


Every year thousands of people use this little known service from the city of romantic gestures, and your sweetheart can be next. Of course you need to plan your Valentine gesture in advance, unfortunately the US Postal Service isn’t instant like email, but the effort will be richly rewarded when your lover realizes this isn’t just an ordinary letter in the mail.


Of course there is the danger your Valentine will assume the letter is from a stranger, however you can turn this to your advantage and show how much you care by signing the letter with your cute nickname, or maybe give your Valentine a riddle to guess who sent the letter.


With Valentine’s Day being so commercialized, wouldn’t it be nice to do something unexpected? Your gesture will become a family story for years to come, and letters make a great addition to your photo scrapbook, especially with the postmark ‘Loveland’.

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