The Solterra Community

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Nowadays, it seems that it is more and more difficult for most of us to find a place where we feel the freedom and relaxation of a peaceful life.

Solterra is a place in the state of Colorado, which gives you the great opportunity to enjoy every single day of your life, by doing your favorite activities in a harmonious dream-life location. Placed between Red Rocks and Green Mountain, in the lovely Rooney Valley, Solterra is a village where urban life meets nature.

Solterra is surrounded by fascinating places that wait to be discovered. Bear Creek Lake, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the Mount Falcon Park and the Green Mountain Park are only a few of the spectacular attractions of the region. No matter whether you choose biking, hiking, boating, climbing or horseback-riding, you can explore the natural settings of Solterra.

Nevertheless, you are closer than you think of cities like Belmar or Denver. Therefore, if you forgot something home or just want to go shopping, it is a 10 to 35 minutes ride. You are at just the right distance from the demanding life of cities, at the foothills of the Green Mountain, a  position that offers you a great view of the scenic backdrops of the Rockies.

The Solterra Community inspires you to connect with the people around you and to socialize with them, by offering the example of a united society. Spontaneity and joy are the main features of the residents, visible in their good mood. They don’t need to have a party or to celebrate a holiday in order to be happy, because they find the reasons in the change of seasons or in the pleasure of spending time with their family or friends.

In the heart of Solterra lays the Retreat, which is the community’s centerpiece. Also called the Clubhouse, the beautiful surroundings of the club are joined by the Infinity Pool, a Spa and a Fitness room. All of these facilities are available to the visitors, together with some other activities and programs, such as Drop-in Day Care, Kids Night Out, Movie Night or Kids Craft Hour.

Solterra is a very special place, where the landscapes are in harmony with the luxury houses built by prestigious architects, in order to give to the residents the comfort they need and the safety of a beautiful life.

Placed at the foothills of the Green Mountain and nearby downtown Denver, Solterra is the perfect location for spending your vacation, or even for spending your entire life, surrounded by amazing natural beauty.

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