New Colorado Booster Seat Law

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DENVER, Colo., August 2, 2010 – A new Colorado law went into effect yesterday regarding child booster seats.  Children up to ages 6 and 7 will now be required to ride in a booster seat when traveling by car.  The original law only required children ages 4 and 5 to wear booster seats.

Parents gathered at Denver’s St. Anthony Central on Saturday to learn about this new Colorado law.  A child’s height and weight are no longer the determining factors for usage of a booster seat.  Normal seatbelts are not designed for children.

An adult seat belt crosses over a child’s abdomen instead of their hips, which causes injuries in the event of a car accident.  The shoulder belt crosses over the neck and face of a child rather than their chest/collar bone region.  This inappropriate fit leaves Colorado kids at risk for severe head, spine and abdominal injury.

Approximately 250,000 kids are injured in car crashes each year, or 700 kids every day.  The leading cause of death for kids between the ages of 2 and 14 is car crashes.  For those kids who make it through the crash, about 2,000 die from injuries caused by car accidents each year.  (Statistics courtesy of

The minimum fine for children 7 years or younger riding without a booster seat is $89.  However, Colorado police officers may issue warnings during the first year that this law takes effect.

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