Louisville, Colorado Voted One of the Best Places to Live in the USA

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Have you been thinking about where you should choose to settle down and have a family? Or, have you been looking for the perfect place to retire? Well, do not worry. You can definitely opt to stay in Louisville. This is an amazing town located in the foothills near Denver, Colorado. This quaint town has tremendous historical significance and had been first established as a place for mining.

The current population is about 20,000 and this little town can be perfect for you. It has an overall area of just 8.6 square miles and the people who live here are a close-knit community. Almost everybody knows everybody within a neighborhood and is like a large family.

The town is surrounded by a completely natural setting. Beautiful mountains and lush greenery are all around this place. Pollution is at a minimum level and you will simply love the clear air. The weather is fantastic here, too. You can go for walks or can even try cycling to keep fit.

This town is perfect for families. Numerous amazing ice cream shops are spread across the town. The most famous café here is the Waterloo Café, known for its burgers. Families crowd this café at all times and you will never fall short on company. The super friendly people of Louisville will charm you the moment you meet them. This town hosts a Friday night fair all through the summer.

This Friday night fair is a great way to rejuvenate after a tough week. You can enjoy the beautiful summer evening with your friends and family in this fair. This fair has something for everyone. You can have blast at the beer garden and can enjoy the music. Your kids are surely going to love the several games offered.

Louisville is extremely comfortable and cozy – just perfect for calling home.

There are a lot of industries here too, ranging from technology to medicine. The unemployment rate of Lousiville is relatively low compared to other parts of the US.

The best thing about this town is the wide variety of outdoor fun facilities. There are more than 30 trails that are great for cycling, walking the dog, or just jogging. The famous Rocky Mountain National Park is very near too. Thus, naturally, CNN and Money have chosen this town as the best place to live.

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