Green Homes for Colorado

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A green home revolution is in full force in Colorado. You might have seen these green homes around Denver and you will probably continue to see an increase in them as investors and builders are becoming more aware of their advantages and aesthetic appeal. It is now becoming trendy to build and live in green homes or work in a green office. Denver is one of the first cities to fully embrace this concept and Denverites are gladly participating as a large portion of Denver’s population is already into healthy eating and a clean environment.

The agenda of the green home movement is clear: to encourage homebuilders to build homes that use the latest in green technology including new building practices and products that make for homes that are better for the environment. These homes are built with better quality and more care on our part. What we do matters and building homes is no exception. Being conscientious is more important than ever.

The ASID Foundation and USGBC have joined forces to enforce the “best practice” guidelines for green residential improvement projects.

The advantage to green homes in Denver is that they are stable, energy efficient, made of recycled materials, utilize solar energy, and much more. More efficient windows, walls, insulation, exterior materials, doors, flooring, countertops, appliances, and chimneys are used. Just by building more green homes, we are reducing our carbon footprint greatly. This is a step in the right direction making Denver one of the greenest cities in the nation.

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