Family Fun: Colorado’s Butterfly Pavilion

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The Colorado Butterfly Pavilion is a wonderful place to bring the kids to learn about insects up close and personal without having to buy an ant farm for the house. Located fifteen minutes away from Denver in Westminster, the Butterfly Pavilion is home to thousands of arthropods of all sizes.

Visitors can hold Rosie the tarantula and take a picture with her. She is very calm, fuzzy and actually kind of cuddly! Everyone that holds her also gets a sticker commemorating their experience together.

The Tropical Conservatory is the newest section of Colorado’s Butterfly Pavilion. It hosts a variety of vertebrates such as turtles, tortoises, frogs, fish and birds. The marine life area with starfish, horseshoe crabs and sea cucumber is fun for all ages because Denver visitors get to pet these sea creatures.

Butterfly Pavilion’s tropical rainforest is a large section of the mini zoo that is great for botanists or plant lovers. Hundreds of butterflies fly freely throughout this area. On one wall there is a glass encasement filled with cocoons from all over the world and once a day there is a butterfly release.

For those who are interested in learning more about insects, the Butterfly Pavilion provides camps and workshops for all ages in the Denver area. There is even an outdoor garden for a short hike and to practice photography skills.

As a beautiful garden for insects and people alike, the Butterfly Pavilion is a popular place for birthday parties and weddings.

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