Denver, the Family Fun City

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Denver, Colorado is considered as one of the most family friendly cities in America as well as across the world. Known as the Mile High City, it has something for everyone. Its sunshine attracts a lot of people who want to spend fun time with their families. If you want to impress your children and have a great time, you should consider visiting Denver because it has a lot to offer – from parks and zoos to a children’s museum and more.

The Children’s Museum of Denver is a very natural environment for kids. They can explore and learn a lot of educational materials, presented in a very interactive and friendly way. In addition to dozens of places that you can go to with your family, the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster (an insect zoo) is a great place for you and your family to spend time in. It has a rainforest feel to it that has a lot of butterfly species that are gathered from around the world. Denver also has a very cool zoo that has a variety of species; these species were brought from every continent. The Denver Zoo has more than 700 species from lions and tigers to polar bears and African penguins. Parents, consider visiting this great place because your kids will definitely like it.

If you are a sports fan, then Denver will be the right place for you because it’s considered as one of the best cities that really takes care of sports fans. It has a whole slew of national teams including the Denver Nuggets (basketball), the Colorado Rockies (baseball), the Colorado Avalanche (hockey), and of course, the Denver Broncos (football). Sporting events in Denver make for some quality family time.

Probably, the most interesting place you can visit in Denver will be the Museum of Nature and Science  (previously called the Natural History Museum.) This place will provide fun and entertaining education for all ages. The museum has objects from all around the world including 3000 year old Egyptian Mummies and a lot of other scientific exhibitions that will increase your children’s curiosity. This museum is probably considered to be the most liked and visited place by kids in Denver because it offers a hands-on learning experience that makes science fun. The museum also has a place for them to learn skiing and also swimming in pools.

If you are planning a vacation and are confused as to which place you should take your family to in order to have great fun, then the answer is plain simple: go to Denver and have FUN!

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