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Bob Baumgartner is the hiking leader of the Boulder Singles Hikes Club.  Since starting the group in 1990, Bob has taken people on over 2000 hikes.  Hikers will get to enjoy the scenery, get some exercise, and meet people.

The group hikes some of the most scenic places available.  They have visited both county and city parks, open space parks, state parks, national forests, Indian peaks, and other sites.  Most often hikes happen on a Sunday.  Sometimes they hikes are scheduled for other days.  The group meets for the Sunday hikes at 9am and the return time can be mid to late afternoon.

Hikers should meet at the parking lot south of 11th Street and Canyon Boulevard in Boulder near the red benches and light poles.  Although the group is a “zero profit” group there is a $4 donation per hike to cover costs and other expenses.  The group car pools to the hiking locations.  Please bring cash along to help pay for gas expenses for your driver.

Hikers should be prepared and dress appropriately. Bob advises hikers to be prepared for sun, heat, rain, wind, snow, and cold.  Hikers must wear hiking boots on all hikes.  Hikers should also bring a back pack with water, rain gear, and snacks or lunch for the Sunday hikes. Dress in layers and bring a hat and sunblock.  For winter hikes, bring a thermos and treads. Hikers are asked to leave their pets at home.

The hiking group has done a variety of hikes over the years.  They have taken trips to Utah to go hiking as well.  Sometimes the hiking groups are small and sometimes, they are large.  Group participants vary across a wide variety of ages.  Bob says that many couples have gotten together after meeting on a hike.  He encourages new participants to come often and to not be a “one timer.”

On Friday, May 13th, the group met after work at 5:30 to hike the Sugarloaf Switzerland Trail.  The hiking route followed a section of the historic railroad route and had scenic views of Sugarloaf and the Bald Mountains.

On Sunday, May 15th, the group will hike the Rocky Mountain National Park.  The hike is considered to be an easy to moderately easy hike.  The group will start at Bierstadt Lake trailhead and will hike Storm Pass and Glacier Creek Trails to Glacier Basin. Hiking the summit is optional.

For more information on the hike schedule, send Bob an email at [email protected]

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