Travel Back to the Jurassic: The Dinosaur Resource Center from Woodland Park

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Dinosaurs are awe inspiring creatures which roamed the prehistoric world, millions and millions of years ago. For dinosaur enthusiasts there is nothing more captivating than learning more about raptors and pterodactyls or the mighty T-Rex. One of the best places in Colorado where you can learn about these ancient beasts is the Rocky Mountains Dinosaurs Resource Center from Woodland Park, Colorado.
The museum is located in downtown Woodland Park, at about 17 miles from Colorado Springs. Stretching on over 20,000 square feet, of which 12,000 square feet is proper exhibit space, the Dinosaur Resource Center was founded in 2004 by two paleontologists and dinosaur exhibits manufacturers. The museum is currently hosting over 30 life sized specimens, mostly skeletons, as well as hundreds of replicas of ancient land and marine reptiles, and other dinosaur related items.
The center displays many species of land dinosaurs, and the largest collection of Kansas marine reptiles in the world. The ancient sea monsters can be admired in the Marine Hall, with the 45-foot long Tylosaurus being the centerpiece of the exhibit.
Besides the dinosaur specimens, the center is also home to a laboratory where paleontologists work to preserve and restore fossils. The tour will also take you through the manufacturing facilities of the company which owes the museum, where technicians mold, paint and mount replicas of dinosaur, which will become part of exhibits from museums across the country.
The kids will certainly love a visit to the Rocky Mountains Dinosaur Resource Center from Woodland Park, Colorado. Besides the fascinating displays of lifelike dinosaur replicas, the museum offers the little ones a lot of attractions. Kids will love the magnetic dino-maker, the sandboxes where they can dig out dinosaur fossils and the fun movies played in the halls of the resource center.
All around, the Dinosaur Center is a great location to spend a fun and interesting afternoon together with your family. There is something from every dinosaur enthusiast here. In fact, the center was awarded the title of the best dinosaur spot in Colorado. If you want to take home a souvenir from the visit to the museum, the Prehistoric Paradise offers you a great selection of dinosaur related items, from dinosaur books, dinosaur figurines and replicas to post cards and toys. This souvenirs store is claimed to be the largest dinosaur gift store in the world, so you will not have any troubles in finding the perfect dinosaur themed present.
The Rocky Mountains Dinosaur Resource Center is a great family oriented location. If you or your kids are passionate about dinosaurs, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit this fascinating place.

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