Tour the Historic Argo Gold Mine and Mill

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The Argo Gold Mine and Mill is located about 30 minutes from Denver along I-70 and is considered to be a place of historical heritage in the state of Colorado. The tunnel for the Argo gold mines is in Idaho Springs, Colorado and was initially constructed in 1893. The tunnel served the purpose of transporting the gold ores that were collected from the mines in and around the place. The gold ore was then taken to the Argo mills, where the ore was processed to get pure gold. There were times when the Argo mills processed close to $100 million worth of ore.

If one wishes to visit the Argo Gold Mine and Mill, they can do so from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm everyday. This is an exception during the winter season when operation depends on the weather. You can call Argo at 303-567-2421 to find out if they are open or general information. If one wants to learn the core processing methods of the gold mine, he or she can do so by watching the demonstrations done by Argo staff in the mills. Gold panning is also shown for free. Panning is a simple process where the vessel is shaken from left to right beneath a gold ore-rich river so that heavier gold settles at the bottom and the lighter unwanted particles slip away.

One can find many local attractions in the area around the Argo Gold Mine and Mill. The hot mineral springs located over here must definitely be experienced. Those who love fishing can have a great time with trout fishing in nearby streams. If you like other recreational activities like rafting, you can opt for white water rafting. The horseback riding is also a famous event in this area. Apart from the mills, one can enjoy all these activities.

Reservations can be made by calling 303-567-2421. 2011 rates for admission for individuals are $15 for adults and $7.50 for children. If your group is larger than 25, adults and children are charged $11.50 and $7, respectively. If there are more than 50 people, the cost gets even cheaper. One needs to pay just $10.50 and $6 for adults and children, respectively.  Though there are some advantages to larger groups, payment must be made in advance. Tour guides explain the tunnel history and demonstrate rock drilling and other mining methods. You can also view the tools used by miners. You must not miss the double eagle gold mine.

Products like gold nuggets, gems, jewels manufactured at Argo Mills can be bought on-site or at the Argo Mine eBay store.

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