The Molly Brown House Museum

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The Molly Brown House was owned by Margaret “Molly” Brown, an activist in Denver.  She worked on many human rights causes and together with Judge Lindsey, helped pave the way for the Denver juvenile justice system.

Visiting the house is like taking a trip back into time.  The house, which was built in 1889, was painstakingly remodeled  to reflect what it once looked like during the Victorian era when Molly lived.  The house was also one of the historic landmarks slated to be demolished during the 1970’s.  Instead of being demolished, a group formed to save the house and other landmarks in order to preserve Denver’s rich historical past.

Visitors can take the museum tour and learn about Molly, the Victorian era, and her efforts to advocate for children’s rights in the justice system. Tours are available for those visitors interested in the story behind the story.  These tours include an insiders tour, a restoration tour, and an after hours tour.

Numerous  events are held at the museum including teas, badge workships, and Victorian eating experiences.  Learn about Victorian culture and food by attending a cream tea, high tea, or low tea held on the 4th floor of the house. Guests can also order lunch and enjoy a “Titanic Dinner”.  for more information on any of these events, contact the museum at 303-832-4092 x 16.

A Share Your Passion(Fruit) Tea will be held on June 10 at 1pm. At this event, guests are welcome to share their causes with others attending the tea. The cost of this tea is $15 per person.  At a Daddy and Daughter Full tea on June 16th,  father’s and daughter’s can enjoy the tea, the atmosphere, as well as the Victorian food. The cost of the tea is $20 per person.  Other events this summer include an Iced Tea Cream Tea on July 8th, a birthday party celebration for Molly Brown on July 17th, a back to school tea on August 19th, and a Titanic Dinner on August 13th.  Prices for these events vary.  Contact the museum for more information and to learn more about admission fees at 303-832-4092.  Keep in mind that tea, lunch, and dinner is served on the 4th floor of the museum which is not handicap accessible.

Educators and group leaders will love the educational programs sponsored by the museum.  The Traveling Trunk program has 12 different programs.  Students will learn about carpetbags, Denver History, the Industrial Revolutions, Molly Brown, the Titanic, Victorian dress, manners, and Victorian culture.  The cost of The Traveling Trunk program is $75, but scholarships are available.  Contact the museum for more information.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 3:30 pm.  On Sundays, the museum is open from 12pm to 3:30 pm.  Tours are conducted every 30 minutes.  Admission to the museum is $8 for adults; $6 for seniors, and $4 for children ages 6-12.  In co-operation with citizen groups, the Molly Brown Museum will be offering free admission to the museum on August 17th and November 11th.  To learn more about the museum, or to get directions, go to


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