The Mizel Museum

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The Mizel Museum is in Denver, Colorado. It is located in Babi Yar Park. The Mizel Museum is run by the Jewish Rabbi Stanley Wagner – and Carol and Larry Mizel founded the Mizel Museum through the Rabbi’s vision. He had gone to London in the 70’s and stopped at a Jewish museum. He was moved by what he had seen there. He went back to Denver and opened the Mizel Museum of Judaica with the help from the Mizels. The Denver Jewry Through the Years: A Family Album was the first exhibition that opened in February 1982.

Admission is free and the hours are from Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm and Sundays for the present exhibition of 4,000 Year Road Trip: Gathering Sparks. The museum is open for group and individual tours. Museum guides and educators are available for leading tours. The tours can be personalized to explore certain themes. The Babi Yar Park is open to the public for use.

The museum offers summer camp for kids that offer a summer of fun and exploration. Visual arts, music, storytelling, and other activities are the focus of every unique summer camp. This year is special because it is incorporating a new permanent exhibition. It is very affordable and lasts for a week. You can choose one or more. Here are some of the summer camp sessions: May 23-27 for ages 3-5: Stories that jump off the page, June 13-17: Acting Out! Improvisation for kids ages 3-6, How the West Was Fun June 13-17 for ages 1-7, Lost and Found Creation Station, June 20-24 for ages 3-6. There are many more throughout the summer.

There is always room for more volunteers to serve as tour guides that have an interest in Jewish culture, art, and education. Docents are community members that are not paid; they meet and greet visitors. They also answer questions and lead small tours.

The museum also offers digital storytelling. Come and learn about digital storytelling and the history of digital storytelling. The cost is $36 per person or $25 for Mizel Museum Artist Alliance members. Bring a photograph that is meaningful or significant and one collectible or heirloom. The date is May 5 from 6pm to 8pm.

The museum offers new sessions for middle and high school children. On April 6, from 4:30 pm to 7pm Mizel is featuring Everyone’s Got a Story. On April 14, Power of Civic Engagement: Step into Leadership, on April 17, Memory Montage: Discover College, May 5, a digital storytelling workshop, and much more. See the Mizel Museum website for more details!

There are a great number of events to see at the Mizel Museum in Denver. There is education for the adults and children. There are events that have art, education, visual arts, music and history.

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