The Lariat Loop Byway

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The Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways program is a statewide initiative created by the Colorado Department of Transportation to promote the natural and made-man attractions of the Centennial State and to facilitate the access of visitors to Colorado’s attractions. There are numerous designated scenic byways around Colorado, but few are more attractive than the Lariat Loop Byway, which cuts through the history-rich area nearby Denver.

The Lariat Loop Byway goes through the foothills of the Rockies, and it’s placed just 20 miles from Denver, which makes it one of the most accessible byways for the residents of the High Mile City. As the name says, the Lariat Byway forms a 40 miles loop, connecting the historic towns of Golden, Morrison and Evergreen. It includes portions of the State Highway 93, State Highway 74 and intersects twice with Interstate 70, which divides the loop in two sections.

Along the Lariat Loop Byway, tourists can find an amazing collection of natural beauty, historical places, and cultural landmarks. Visitors will enjoy many of the best attractions of the Denver Metropolitan area, from Buffalo Bill’s Museum to the Red Rocks natural amphitheater. It’s safe to say that the Lariat Loop offers something for every taste and for category of age.

The scenic landscapes of the Rockies are renowned worldwide, and driving or biking along the Lariat Loop Byway is one of the best ways to enjoy them. Among many others, the natural landmarks include the Dinosaur Ridge, a favored spot for dinosaur enthusiasts from across the nation. The Dinosaur Ridge is one of the world’s most famous fossil fields, studied by paleontologists ever since the 19th century. The wonderful Red Rocks natural amphitheater, with its characteristic red sandstone formations is another world-renowned place that can be visited on the Lariat Loop Byway. Taking advantage of the natural acoustics and amphitheater configuration, bands and artists come to Red Rocks to hold concerts and other representations.

The fans of the Old Wild West will be delighted to know that the Lariat Loop Byway also visits some iconic landmarks such as Buffalo Bill’s Museum and the Colorado Railroad Museum. But there are many other museums, history parks and historic landmarks along the Loop, from the Golden Pioneer Museum to the Morrison Historical District. To honor the importance of this region of Colorado, the area encompassed by the Lariat Loop Byway was designated a Colorado Heritage Area in 2000.

Enjoy a drive or bike ride along the beautiful Lariat Loop Byway! You won’t regret it!

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