The Age of Real Pirates

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LOCATION: Denver Museum of Nature and Science at 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205, ph: 303.370.6000

TICKETS: Online and on-site (hotel packages with tickets also available)

TIMES: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day, closed on December 25th

The Real Pirates exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science features a true story of the ship WHYDAH, which transformed from a slave ship to a pirate ship. It holds more than 200 artifacts of the classical pirate age, exhibiting the wrecks discovered after decades in the waters of America.

The story goes like this: The ship was first a human cargoship that transported slaves from Africa to the sugar plantations in the Caribbean. The ship heavily featured slave art. But it was lost with heavy return gifts to the notorious Sam Bellamy on its way back to the motherland. After making it technically more effective, Whydah was made Bellamy’s sister ship. And with this, the pirates created the outlaw and became atrocious. But with a swirl of fate, Whydah got struck by a storm after serving the pirates in their brutal life for several years.

It was discovered by Barry Clifford for the first time after 3 centuries. And then it became a long, drawn out, and painstaking process to explore the waters and bring to life the realities of the pirates. The first citation of Whydah was in 1984, and since then, excavations are being continuously made; it is still an ongoing process with continuous yields.

The exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science takes you back to these beautiful yet harsh days. Visitors return to the older days of North America. The exhibition features the real stories of people who inhabited the Atlantic Ocean, their lifestyles, atrocities, captains, and their captives. You can explore numerous skull and cross bones, coins, their trade markers, knifes, swords, pistols, cannons, treasure boxes, and much more.The exhibition’s most prestigious artifact is the ship bell inscribed as “WHYDAH GALLY 1716”which gave a clue to the wrecks discovered. Then there is a pirate ship replica which can be explored to come across real pirate life.

Visitors can actually touch the pirate treasure chests, coins, and other artefacts to experience real pirate life. Children get to buy pirate hats, knots, and more, which makes the trip worthwhile for the entire family. Every now and then an enactor can be sighted who intensifies the atmosphere. And adding to these are true stories of the pirate lives, their route maps, and above all – a fun treasure hunt for children.

This unique exhibit takes you to the real pirate age of the 17th century!

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