Seven Falls

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Seven Falls is a series of seven waterfalls located in Colorado Springs in Colorado. The seven falls have a total height of 181 ft (55.17 m), and has 224 steps on the stairways from the foot to the peak of the falls.


Situated in a natural box canyon, Seven Falls is Colorado’s only waterfall that is included in the National Geographic list of international waterfalls.


To enjoy the best view of the Seven Falls, visitors can use the Eagle’s Nest Observation platform, which can be accessed by an elevator situated in the mountain. Visitors can also opt to use the 224-step staircase.


Seven Falls has become a famous tourist attraction over the years. One of its prominent visitors was American writer Helen Hunt Jackson, who commended the resort’s scenic beauty and healthy mountain air.


Seven Falls boasts two striking hiking trails, which are open to the public between mid-March and mid-October. The trails are closed at 4pm daily during off-seasons, and from December to February. They are also closed during bad weather and winter season. The trails are fairly difficult since tourists will climb from 6,800 ft at the beginning of the trail to 7,200 ft at the end.


Launched in 1883, the Trail to Inspiration Point is the longest trail in Seven Falls and the most popular for more than a century. This one-mile trail leads visitors to Inspiration Point where they can enjoy a stunning view of the Colorado Springs and Great Plains. It is also the place of Helen Jackson’s original gravesite.


The most recent trail at the falls leads to the Midnight Falls, which is located close to the South Cheyenne Creek’s headwaters.


Seven Falls also takes pride in its rich wildlife. It is home to the American Dipper or Water Ouzel, one of the most unusual songbirds in the world. The bird swims through its wings and can also walk underwater. Guests can also find the Rainbow Trout, which has black spots on its body and rosy stripe. Hummingbirds and Brook Trouts are also common sightings at Seven Falls.


During the summer season, tourists will e entertained by native American dancers who present Indian dance interpretations.


Seven Falls also has several shops to cater to tourists’ shopping needs, offering contemporary Native American artwork that represents exquisite pottery and beautifully handcrafted jewelry. Guests can find western memorabilia, books and CDs at the Main Curio shop, which also offers a collection of stuffed animals, toys and souvenirs. Bear Cub’s Cave offers children toys, games and apparel, while the Eagles Nest features a variety of agates, crystals, geodes, semi-precious gemstones and windchimes.

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