Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

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Located in Colorado, the Royal Gorge Bridge is one of the greatest landmarks in the country. Until 2003, the Royal Gorge Bridge was the highest suspension bridge in the world, only to be recently surpassed by the Beipanjiang River Bridge of China. However, it is still the highest sitting bridge in all of America. Hanging at an incredible 955 feet over the Arkanas River, the Royal Gorge Bridge was constructed in 1929 and believed to have cost $350,000 back in the day. The figure for the construction of the bridge would be around $15 million if it were being constructed today.

It took approximately 6 months to construct the bridge and it weighs in access of 1,000 tons, which consists of the steel flooring and the cables supporting the bridge.  The bridge runs for 1,270 feet in length and is 18 feet wide. The Royal Gorge Bridge is a very popular tourist attraction for many in Colorado and is a great experience for those driving along the bridge or walking across it. During the 82 years that the Royal Gorge Bridge has been standing across the canyon, it has had several renovations to update the bridge to ensure complete safety for passengers of the bridge park. Most significantly, in 1982-1983 renovations were made to supply new strand cables and new anchor cables to maintain complete structure of the bridge. The renovations were believed to have cost a figure of around $2.8 million – more than it cost to build the bridge itself.

The park by the Royal Gorge Bridge has been a popular venue for many tourists and families from Colorado and around the world. There are many attractions that the park offers such as rides, shows, shopping, food & dining, lodging, and site seeing.

One of the rides at the Royal Gorge Bridge Park is the aerial tram. The aerial trams run for more than 2,200 feet, 1,100 feet above the canyon floor! A direct current motor is used to power the aerial tram across the cables to catch amazing views of the canyon and the Royal Gorge Bridge. It is an exhilarating experience, which is not for the faint of heart. If you are afraid of heights, we recommend you avoid this ride.

Other rides at the park are Burro rides for the younger ones, fairground rides, mule rides, a railway line, sky coaster, and plenty of other activities to enjoy while you’re at the park.

Not only does the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park have a fantastic selection of rides to offer the customers, but it also has a number of shows at theatres to be watched while on-site. The Gazebo and Plaza theatre are forms of entertainment for your satisfaction at the park. The Rocky Entertainment Pavilion also offers a range of entertainment activities from animated characters to live rock & roll bands.

The park also offers a great selection of food and snacks located within the park. The variety of food choices you can make is very good with the option of having an American traditional meal to a Mexican feast – the choice is yours. There are many food shops for your specific tastes!

No matter how you look at it, a day at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.


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