Learning is Fun at the Denver Art Museum

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Denver, Colorado is one of the most exciting places to visit in the United States. Everything you can think of doing can be done here in Denver. When you think of shopping, Denver has one of the best shopping districts. When thinking about nature, Denver serves as the gateway to the Rocky Mountains and the Denver Zoo serves as a haven where animals are living in their natural habitats. For sports enthusiasts, you will love it here in Denver, Colorado where basketball and football are favorites, plus snow sports that are usually done during winter months. Of course those who have great passion for art will also love the city because of the Denver Art Museum.

Denver Art Museum is a place for everyone who has great passion for knowledge, history, and art. This must visit museum is located in Denver’s Civic Center near the government offices and art institutions to name a few. The museum was founded in the year 1893, but it got its name as Denver Art Museum in the year 1918. Ever since then there has been no stopping the thousands of visitors (tourists and locals alike) who come to the museum every year.

The museum is a favorite amongst those who have great passion not just for learning, but most of all, the arts. Denver Art Museum is home to more than 68,000 pieces of art from all genres, all eras, from all parts of the globe. Its collection has grown to that number from the small collection of American Indian Art in the museum’s early years. To date, Denver Art Museum is still known to be one of the few museums to have great collections of art from the American Indians.

Denver Art Museum’s collections are divided into nine cultural sections. First is the Modern and Contemporary section, which has over 4,000 collections of artists of the present times. Second, the Architecture section, which showcases different architectural designs. Third, Asian section displays the art pieces of China and countries from the southwestern part of Asia. Other galleries included to complete the nine sections are Textile Art, The Berger Collection (collection of British artwork), Western Art, Photography, American and European Painting and Sculpture Collection, and New World (collection of artwork from Spain and Columbia’s colonial eras).

Being in Denver, the Denver Art Museum is a breathtaking experience for people whose passion is to gain wisdom and who have great enthusiasm in discovering art whether old or new. At the Denver Art Museum, learning is certainly fun!

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