DIA Conspiracy Theory

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Denver International Airport or DIA is the largest international airport in the United States.  There are many things about the airport that are impressive; using solar energy to help cut energy costs is quite impressive.  There are things about the airport that are more than slightly irritating too.  For example, the original baggage system never worked correctly and at one point cost millions to maintain and fix each month.  Of course, there are just some things about the airport that are downright weird. What exactly are those murals in the baggage claim area about anyway? What about those words that are cut into the baggage area floor?  Why do the runways look strangely like a swastika from the air?  That certainly can’t be an accident–or can it?

Some people claim that there is more to DIA than meets the eye.  In fact, there are claims that DIA was designed and built as headquarters for a global genocide event which will happen in the future.  Would the folks in charge of The New World Order really be so simple as to disguise their plans as an airport?  Are those of us who can’t or don’t see “the whole picture” just simpletons or is it in fact the conspiracy theorists who are the simpletons?  Let’s unpack the suitcase and examine the theories and possible explanations.

The first conspiracy conundrum pertains to the underground tunnels.  There are those that speak of underground military bases existing underneath the airports.  An author by the name of Alex Christopher claimed that he had worked in the tunnels and had seen holding areas for prisoners, electromagnetic machines, and large caverns.  Investigators allege that these claims were simply a ploy to sell books.  In fact photos have shown that the caverns are being used to transport the baggage on conveyor belts since the first baggage system did not work.

What are the unusual carvings in the floor?  Are they some secret code?  What does Dzit Dit Gaii really mean?  What about Cochetopa or Sisnaajini? The words are actually Navajo terms for geographic places in Colorado.  They aren’t Satanic chants or Masonic sayings.

What about the fact that Denver International Airport is surrounded with barbed wire?  Does this mean that there are plans to turn the airport into a prison to hold rebels?  No exactly.  The truth is that many airports are cordoned off with wire for safety reasons.  In fact, there seems to be no significant difference between the wire at DIA and the wire at other airports.

The murals in the baggage area are somewhat intense it could be said.  According to artist Leo Tanguma, the murals were intended to depict man’s journey from destruction to peace.  In the first mural, a solider is shown creating destruction and fear; a poem written by a child who died at Auschwitz is inscribed on the wall.  In the next scene of the mural, the soldier is dead and children gather around his dead body to beat the world’s swords into plowshares.  This is a depiction of the scenes that are described in the Bible in Isaiah and Micah.  The next mural shows the Earth suffering from environmental ills while the next scene in the mural shows children of all nations gathering at a flowering tree.  To conspiracy theorists, Tanguma’s work foretells of the coming world order and then end of the world in 2012 according to the Mayan calendar.

Further proof is the fact that the letters Au and Ag are etched in the floor near the murals.  Conspiracy theorists claim that this is in reference to the Australian Antigen which will supposedly kill all of the earth.  Or, as others point out, it was meant to be a reference to the gold and silver mines which were a part of Colorado’s past.  Au and Ag are the symbols for silver and gold.

What about the pattern of the runways?  Do they really look like a Nazi swastika?  I checked google earth pictures and I don’t really see the connection.  However, I suppose that a claim could be made for this reality.  But are runways aesthetically designed or are they simply designed due to other concerns?  Most likely the design was due to safety issues and other factors.

But for the die hard conspiracy theorists, is this really enough evidence to debunk the claims?  Probably not.  What do you think? Is DIA the headquarters for the New World Order?  Or is it just a huge airport with funky art work and a poorly designed baggage system?

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