Denver Story Trek

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Denver is a place of rich history, even if it was only founded a century and half ago. Nevertheless, the evolution of Denver was rapid and tumultuous, just like the raging white waters streaming from the neighboring Rockies. The strong, courageous people that lived in Denver transformed the once modest log-cabin miner settlement in a thriving metropolis, confidently stepping into the future.

There are so many interesting places in Denver that getting to visit and know them can be difficult. From 19th century historic mansions, to railroad depots and museums, Denver is filled with fascinating places that wait to be discovered. Perhaps the best way to learn more about the many Denver attractions is to hire a guide – someone who is knowledgeable in the history of the Mile High City, and is ready to provide you with interesting tidbits of information about the people that built this amazing city.

Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s not feasible to get a specialized guide to follow you around Denver. The Denver Historic Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Denver’s historic landmarks, has acknowledged the need for a comprehensive guide on the most significant monuments in Denver. As a result, the foundation created an audio-guide called the Denver Story Trek.

The Denver Story Trek is composed of several treks, which are routes around Denver taking the visitor to several landmarks. Each trek has a theme, picked from the historic and cultural events that shaped Denver. For example, the Stage Stops, Railroads and Streetcar trek takes the visitors to the places  in Mile High City where the memory of the glorious railroads era is still preserved – the Four Mile Historic Park, Cheesman Park, or 15th and Broadway.

The times of the Old West are celebrated in another itinerary, the Settling the Frontier trek. This trek includes the Black American West Museum, the Byers- Evans House Museum or Confluence Park. Other treks are dedicated to the strong women of Denver, from the unsinkable Molly Brown to Louise Hill, the city’s most prominent socialite from the first half of the 20th century.

To get access to the Denver Story Trek audio guide, tourists can call a special phone number and listen to a recorded description of the visited place, or alternatively they can download the audio files from the Denver Story Trek history and load them on an MP3 player. The audio format makes it easy for visitors to learn more about the rich history of the Mile High City and the great people that built it.

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