Colorado State Capitol Tours

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Take a tour of the capitol to learn more about the Colorado and the legislative process.  Four different types of tours are available and all of the tours are free of charge.

The historical capitol tour talks about Colorado’s history.  In addition, tour participants will learn about the history of the Capitol and the Capitol building.  In addition, the tour stops outside the state Senate and House of Representatives chambers.

Historical tours of the capitol take place every hour from 10 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday.  You can schedule a Capitol history tour online at or by calling 303-866-2604.

Visitors who take the Capitol dome tour should wear their walking shoes!  Participants will climb into the dome observation area by climbing 99 stairs.  The effort is worth it however.  At the dome, you can see  a 360 degree panoramic view of Denver and the Rocky Mountains.  Visitors who can not physically make the climb can take a video tour of the dome area by viewing the screens near the elevators on the third floor.  Schedule a dome tour by calling 303-866-2604 or by scheduling your tour online.

Mr. Brown’s Attic tour is a tour that takes participants to an exhibit area above the third floor of the capitol.  On this tour, participants will learn about the Colorado’s history and legislature.  There are also specially designed exhibits geared towards children.  Those who take the tour should be prepared to do some walking.  You can schedule an “attic tour” either online or by calling the phone number listed above.

Legislative tours of the capitol are available only during the legislative session or January through May.  This tour takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.   Tour participants may be able to visit the House and Senate Galleries and they may also be able to meet with their representatives at the Capitol.  Reservations for this tour a mandatory.

Visitors are welcome in the Capitol building which is open from 7:30am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  The building is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.  In order to tour the building by yourself, you can take a Capitol visitor brochure at the tour desk.

In addition to the tour, you can visit the famous Capitol gift shop to purchase souvenirs including t-shirts, note cards, ornaments, and commemorative books.  The gift shop does not take credit or debit cards as payment; cash and checks only.

Be sure to check out the Capitol Coffee Shop in the Capitol building for breakfast, lunch, or snack items.  For information on the menu, call 303-866-2985.

After visiting the Capitol, you might want to consider touring the following places which are nearby: the Denver Mint, the Governor’s Mansion, Molly Brown’s house, and the Byers-Evans house.  All of these places are within a 15-20 minute walk from the Capitol.  Keep in mind that reservations are required to tour the Denver Mint.

If you are unable to visit the Capitol in person, you can also take a virtual tour.  Simply go to the site at

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