Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum

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From the year it was founded in 1976 until today, the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum has been consistently trying to protect the snow sports of the region along with preserving their contribution to sports history. They carry the legend to the public through exhibitions and educational programs. The mission of Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum is achieved through three key aspects:

1)     The event of the 10th Mountain Division of Colorado that played a major role in creating history.

2)     Paying tribute to all snow sports achievers through the hall of fame.

3)     Maintaining an Olympic collection.

The history of the region prides the glorious days when skiing was started in Colorado in 1859, how these early men preferred Norwegian snow shoes which transformed ski wear, the mail transfer from one corner to another, and the earliest resorts and how they journeyed all way to the present date with some closing as time passed. These are the basis in which the museum was formed. Its goal is to consistently provide people with the sense of adventure and thrill that all skiers and snowboarders experience. And above all, the museum displays the history of the 10th Mountain Division during World War II, which signalled the gradual development of skiing as a sport.

There are events that are conducted on a regular basis in the museum. The latest are museum-guided tours, an historic Vail village walking tour, the 10th Mountain Golf Tournament, and the 10th Mountain Film Project. These were scheduled to enrich Coloradoans with the heritage of the region. As a part of their mission, there is even a shopping center for all those who wish to cherish the beauty of their past. Visitors can buy posters of Europe, Colorado, and the Winter Olympics. Christmas ornaments, home decor, gifts, books, kids stuff, pillows and other items are also available.

Education programs are the most fabulous part of the museum. There are weekly programs, K-12 education programs, teacher packets, school field trips and adult programs. All these have to be reserved before the scheduled date and time. This organization also preserves resorts and pursues excellence in the history of Colorado Skiing Division, sponsored by a number of branch firms. These include Vail resorts, the town of Vail, Intrawest Resorts, Aspen Skiing Company, Colorado Ski Company USA and EEF productions. A huge chance for public involvement is provided through the donations and volunteering opportunities. The visits are free in the winter from November to April and at various times in the spring, summer, and fall. The museum is located at the 3rd level of the Vail village parking structure, which is easy to access from all over Colorado.

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