Colorado Railroad Museum

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Colorado railroads are pieces of history that have been serving the public for the past 125 years. The Colorado Railroad Museum was built to remind the public of the history of Colorado’s railroads and how they impact our lives. The museum preserves railroad artifacts, photographs, books and other important documents. The Railroad Museum exhibits educational programs and publications to make the general public aware of the role and significance of the Colorado railroad system.

The museum is a replica of the 1880 style depot. It houses 1000s of rare photographs, artifacts, documents, and a gift shop. The museum preserves the 125 year old history of Colorado railroads and educates people about the importance of its history. The museum also has display tracks, locomotives and cars.

The museum has an amazing collection of rare photographs of the 1880s Colorado Railroad. The museum grounds contain the actual museum building, round house, library and a gift shop. The museum building also has an art gallery.

The museum offers guided tours for its visitors; visitors can also ask questions of their guides. The Robert W. Richardson library houses more then 10,000 books, magazines, publications and other rare documents. The museum books store houses 1000s of books, CDs, videos and photographs from the early 19th century railroad history. You can find T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, post cards, caps, CD sand other stuff at the museum gift shop.

The restoration process is always taking place at the Colorado Railroad Museum to preserve the unique history of the railroad artifacts for a longer period of time.

People can also volunteer for assistance in the restoration process. The museum is open for its visitors form 9 am to 5 pm daily throughout the year. Members can get free entry to all the exclusive railroad museum events.

Many events take place at the Railroad Museum occasionally. By attending the Shay Day event, you can ride behind the locomotive shay no. 12 and photograph it as well. Shay no. 12 was built in 1926 and has a top speed of 12 mph. The German Heritage Festival invites you to enjoy traditional German food, and entertainment. The visitors at the event can ride the locomotive no. 346.

The Colorado Railroad Educational Program aims at building an understanding for the role of the railroads in Colorado, and provides vital information about today’s railroad. Tours and trips are conducted for educational purposes.

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