Colorado Old West Outlaws

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Though the world is mostly focused on the latest technologies, fast paced lifestyles, and fashion (among other things), there are still some places that retain their traditional golden days. One such place is the historic Fort Garland, Colorado. The Rocky Mountain region has inhibitors who still lead lives of the age old 19th century. One can encounter the feel of a complete meal in covered wagons, hammering of the steel horse shoes on an anvil, soaps made from fire ashes and fat, gun fighters and cowboys on horse backs, and more – all of which can be experienced for free by contacting the Robertson family.

As the pages of history read, Colorado has hosted some of the best marshals and gunfighters than any other state. Some prominent characters shaping this reputation include:

  • Wesley Hardin: He is the most famous gunman who is said to have killed 44 men in gunfights in Colorado. This Texas born gun fighter has created real stories during his trips northward pushing cattle along with his uncle. Though his father was a preacher, he was never thought that vengeance is the page for god.
  • William F. Cody: This famous “Buffalo Bill” of Iowa was nicknamed “Scout” and was originally a buffalo hunter, who was said to kill thousands of buffaloes during employment. He was famous for the many Calvary operations against the Indian plains in the land of Colorado. Known for the ideology of the need to preserve and spread the western culture, he was honored by over 30,000 people at death.
  • William Barcley: He is another western legend who died as a sports writer, but started as a buffalo hunter. Born in Quebec, Canada, this great character in the chapters of history settled along with his family in Kansas. He boasts a hunting profile of 35 buffaloes against 500 Indians. After pursuing his career as a part of the army, then as the deputy U.S. Marshal, he turned out to be a gunman. When his success started retreating then he became a sports writer.
  • Jesse James: He was another tough person from the past who killed many unarmed and defenceless men and was the son of a Baptist preacher. He eluded the preaching of kind from the bible which is reasoned back to his upbringing.

These four US Marshals of Colorado used the law of god for to settle the frontier and are respected for this. Other lawmen and gunmen of Colorado include Doc holiday, Billy the Kid, Tom Horn, Jack Slade, Butch Cassidy – a famous thief, Colonel John Chizington, James Gordan, Tom Tate Tobin, Jules Beni, Soapy Smith, and many more. Another person who was known for his love to the people and help for the needy was Jim Clarke.

The new generation of lawmen and gunmen include Elisha Robertson, Texas Red Jones, Larry Pepper, Mathew Fransen, Ray Jhonson, and others.

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