Colorado Muslim Society

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Situated in the Aurora suburb, southeast of the city of Denver, the Colorado Muslim Society (CMS) or Masjid Abu-Bakr serves over 15,000 Muslims in the metropolitan area. Membership in this Sunni community spans almost all parts of the Muslim community. Aside from providing an ideal place to pray, CMS offers various services including divorce, funeral services, marriage, social services, as well as Islamic schools, Arabic lessons and Qur’anic teachings. In addition, it has an event hall intended for special occasions.


To effectively offer its funeral services, the CMS has over 270 burial spaces located at Denver’s Hampden Memorial Garden Cemetery. These burial spaces are reserved for Muslims living in the state.


The CMS has three missions: to serve the interest of Muslims and Islam in the state by providing a conducive environment for Islamic education, cultural enhancement and religious services; to introduce Islam, its heritage and culture; and to support inter-faith understanding by communicating with other faith-based communities and organizations.


The society aims to become a center of community activity and Islamic learning in the state by offering services directed towards the needs of the people. CMS also conforms to Islamic principles enshrined in the Sunnah and Quran; is inclusive and respectful of the community’s diversity; focuses on community participation; and honors transparency of operations and commitment to development and growth.


The Colorado Muslim Society believes in establishing partnerships with other Islam-based organizations in order to gain from their experiences and support them in their undertakings. Currently, it has an agreement with the non-profit organization Muslim Family Services (MFS), which serves families, women and children in distress. Under the agreement, the MFS will serve as a channel for all of CMS’ social services activities, so as to allow efficient utilization of resources and high quality delivery of service.


CMS is currently completing the last phase of its million-dollar expansion that will double the size of the society’s prayer facilities.


Structurally, the Colorado Muslim Society is the only Muslim center in Denver that looks like a traditional mosque. It has a huge dome with an adjoining minaret and is situated along Parker Road of Aurora, one of the city’s busiest streets.


The mosque is also close to other facilities. Within a 10-mile radius are restaurants and grocery stores. It is also located near an Islamic parochial school, the Crescent View Academy, which is affiliated with CMS. Providing education for Muslims and non-Muslims, the school emphasizes teaching the general Islamic knowledge and the Arabic language.

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