Colorado Historical Society

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The Colorado Historical Society is an organization that preserves the history of Colorado for the future generations. Founded in 1879, the Colorado Historical Society is a part of the Colorado Department of Higher Education. It maintains the authenticity of the glorious past of Colorado in the form of museums, art collections, photograph collections, archeological preservations, and architectural masterpieces. Apart from preserving the history, this society also conducts educational programs regarding the history to children and adults spreading awareness of culture among its citizens.


The society operates twelve museums as a part of its mission, around the city of Denver which include three in Denver, and one in each of the following cities: Pueblo, Fort Garland, Platteville, Georgetown, Leadville, Trinidad, and Montrose. All these are examples of the rich cultural heritage owned by the city. The Department of Archeology and Historical Preservations conducts a number of events to open the pages of Colorado’s rich history to the public. Some of the upcoming events include:


  • Lectures: The Rockefeller Plan at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company: – Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 1:00pm to 2:00 pm. Held at the Scottish Right Mansion Center, the lecture gives insight in to the successes and failures of the industrial democracy between the two World Wars. It also lectures on how companies managed labor from the time of mining to present.
  • Historic Preservation Commission Training: Friday, May 13th 10:00 am to 4:30 pm: – The learning program is at the Fred Field Heritage Center, 275 South Spruce Station, which is the historic preservation program and details in how it is all safe guarded and excavated.
  • History Colorado Center: It is the wonderful presentation on the landscapes of Colorado and displays an 80 foot map in a time machine. They take their audience to the historical mines, ski jumps from Steamboat Springs, and much more.
  • 2011 lecture series: They speak of the land 10,000 years back, of the 18th century horse trades, silver and gold mines, the time of Civil War, and archeological discoveries. Other lectures are about the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company and “A Legacy of Conflict – the Espinosa controversy.”


The grants to the society for historic preservation projects from the entire state will be accepted by the fund collection branch and the list was posted on April 11, 2011. The goal of the society is to educate the future generations to preserve, collect, and acknowledge the past and transcend them to the future. There are number of school programs, summer programs, Saturday programs, and special workshops on family days. The events and the discoveries of the society are published in the Heritage and Colorado History journals. The organization conducts activities for all ages, making everyone a part of the awareness program.

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